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Daho'kajyaon (Battle rules)

This page provides the Daho'kajyaon battle rules or tactics used by Poku Saeruo Degonjo on hatakuri hunts. Hunting has changed with the new

Hatakuri (Hunts)

Normally a pack of Hidden Sun Clan Hunters consists of from 4 to 6 HS-SG4-1a - Yome Nuiqai (Wings of Hawk) Class Ship. Normally ships in a given hunt are assigned to a particular family. Several of these carry fighters used to wound the prey. In addition to these ships there is a salvage ship called the HS-SS3-1a Wadâmo'a (Harvester)-Class Ship. This vessel stays away from the hunters until the prey is subdued. While they wait they are electronically shielded. Once the ship is captured, the HS-SS3-1a Wadâmo'a (Harvester)-Class Ship comes in. Crew from the ship board the prey and assess the condition of the ship. Then the salvage ship uses an assortment of cutting implements to chop the prey into easy to store sections. When they leave a kill site, they leave nothing behind. Even the crew are gathered for use as either slaves or byproducts.

Hunts typically fall into these categories.


This type of hunt typically takes place in remote locations, edge of a system or a common point where ships drop out of FTL. A Poku Saeruo Degonjo hunt will usually go after an outbound ship or small group of ships. They prefer to go after civilian ships, freighters as they are easier to capture and have more useful stuff.


When a hunt finds a large vessel, they will usually use a pursuit. Two of the ships will pursue the prey while the other ships in the group will lie in wait ahead of it. The pursuing ships are often called the drivers. If there are other friendly hunts in the region, they may invite them to assist in the kill.


A hunt may decide to go after a damaged warship, but only if they are confident that they can take it without undo risk. The hunt typically approaches the target in stealth mode from several vectors. Once in position, they ships would make coordinated attacks.


Another successful tactic used by a hunt is the lure. Using a captured craft, or parts of one they use it to broadcast a distress signal. Typically this tactic is used if a hunted vessel turns out to be mostly empty. The hunt usually have a ship ready to create a wormhole if the response appears to be to strong to risk engaging.


The Poku Saeruo Degonjo prefer to use precision shots rather than indiscriminate weapons. Missiles are rarely used, few ships even carry them. When hunting they pull the preys fangs, taking out its weaponry, then they take out its drives. Anti-FTL Field and radio jamming are common as well.

Yârme Pasou (Free Kill)

A Yârme Pasou free kill is a place where a number of ships have been damaged or destroyed by forces other than the Poku Saeruo Degonjo. It is an open salvage area, most of the time, groups of clan ships will come and hunt. A Free Kill is a site with many damaged ships. Typically a battlefield where the combatants have withdrawn. If the clan comes into a kill site and detects wounded ships, they will normally dispatch them quickly out of security concerns. Once there are no active warships present the Harvesting begins. Free kills are open to all Poku Saeruo Degonjo ships, to come and collect salvage, materials. At a Free Kill site all ships regardless of affiliation will notify the others of approaching ships. This way all clan ships can try to avoid direct contact with other factions.

Occasionally at a very large sites clan ships will salvage along with other ships, even occasionally using salvaged beacons to conceal their origins.


See information on Ra-alu Jyaon (Prisoner Rules).

Ytaqoi (Gathers)

Gatherers are the collection of resources directly from worlds. The clan have scouted. A Gather usually has several vessels each setup to collect specific cargo.


Items such as fruits, nuts, tubers, grains. When gather plant items, one or more Tula will participate. They determine if the items are safe for consumption and if they are worth transplanting to add to the clan supplies.


The Gatherers will normally hunt, dress and flash freeze the majority of the meat they collect. If the Gather is returning home soon, they will being live specimens to be added to the preserves. Fish is also gathered and frozen, but not in the same quantities as meat.


Fresh water, lumber, ores and precious stones are often taken from planets. Usually a Ruoka (House) or Punla (Family) will establish sites that they will return to. In the case of ores and precious metals and stones having a mine to return to speeds up the process. Indigenous sentients are often conscripted to do the labor. And are released when the gather is over.

Wadâmo (Harvest)

After a successful kill, the harvest begins. Typically Harvesters (salvagers) will board the ship and evaluate the contents. Usually the cargo is offloaded and distributed among the hunters first. The ship and its remaining contents will be taken into a Harvester in one piece, or cut up into manageable sections. The Poku Saeruo Degonjo will typically collect everything from the kill site even debris. Partly out of being frugal, but mainly so they leave no trace or clue as to what happened to the vessel.

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