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Kujop'a Rotyka (Repulsion Cannon)

The is a defensive weapon that a Poku Saeruo Degonjo vessel can mount. It has been in use since before the Norka (The Exodus)).

The weapon works by firing a series of anti-gravity pulses generated in a Heim Force Generator to repel objects. This has the effect of deflecting projectiles, or destroying them. It depends on the angle of attack between the target and the cannon. At more than 30 degrees projectiles without guidance and propulsion will be deflected away from the ship. Otherwise the pulses slam into the target causing damage.


Class: Defensive Nomenclature: HS-S4-W1101 Type: Anti-Fighter, Anti-Missile Designers: Otâmovi Wiy Jael (Silver Moon Sect) Manufacturer: Otâmovi Wiy Jael (Silver Moon Sect) on Poku Movi Vamâqi (Clan Void Berth)

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

Rate of Fire: 5 bursts per ten seconds

  • 3 ADR
  • Range: 25,000 meters

OOC Notes

Authored by Nashoba and approved by Zack on Apr 6, 2010 1)

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