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WAP Yome Ismâopate - Personnel

This page lists the crew of the WAP Yome Ismâopate (Searching Hawk). This includes both Characters and Characters.

It also contains crew cabin assignment. Players should update their cabin assignment once they join the plot. Player characters should not select 1 person cabin's without the commander's permission.

When passengers are on board their information is also provided on this page. The GM or his assistant are the only folks who should modify that section.

This page also lists available positions.


This section is broken down by category of rank.




Available Positions

Crew Quarters Assignments

Deck 2

Leader Room

One Person Rooms

Senior crew member quarters.

  1. <Available>
  2. <Available>
  3. <Available>
  4. <Available>
  5. <Available>

Temple Room

Deck 1

Two Person Rooms (Crew)

  1. Miooki Gisil, <Available>
  2. La'tâ Qoji, <Available>
  3. <Available>, <Available>
  4. Hewid Letes, <Available>
  5. <Available>, <Available>
  6. Leagar Roveis, <Available>
  7. <Available>, <Available>
  8. <Available>, <Available>
  9. <Available>, <Available>
  10. Syaboa Purpur, <Available>

Superlative crew (Pax)

This section is used to track those personnel aboard the ship who are not part of the crew. They may or may not be part of the mission.


Two Person Rooms (Passengers)

These rooms are restricted to visiting personnel when present.

  1. <Available>, <Available>
  2. <Available>, <Available>
  3. <Available>, <Available>
  4. <Available>, <Available>
  5. <Available>, <Available>
  6. <Available>, <Available>
  7. <Available>, <Available>
  8. <Available>, <Available>

Inactive Character

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