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Niumte (Weakening)

This was a period in the history of the Poku Saeruo Degonjo that lasted one year, starting in CY 537 and ending in CY 538.

The start

The Niumte began one month after the Hidden Sun flared. It was a virulent disease that spread rapidly through the Poku'vonai. It started among the Otâmovi Wiy Jael (Silver Moon Sect), but within weeks the endemic spread to other sects. As a step to try and stop the spread, the Vonaieano'ka (City State) initiate quarantine and seal all access between them off. The disease passed over the Tula which fostered suspicion, however this did not stop the Tula from helping to tend to the stricken.

Death comes swiftly to the young and old first, then others succumb. The death toll started to rise as more of the population contracted the sickness. 15% of those who became ill would succumb to the disease, of the survivors, 5% were left permanently impaired physically. The Wapoin'aka (Doctor) were able to identify the pathogen, but it was resistant to their existing vaccines.

The End

The healers and scientists started investigating why the Tula were immune. They determined that the Tula were naturally immune because the virus was close to one they had antibodies for. The researchers used the antibodies from the Tula blood to develop a serum to stop the disease.

It would be a little over a year since the first cases appeared that the Otâmovi Wiy Jael (Silver Moon Sect) successfully created a vaccine.

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