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6+ I'ee Gunship

The 6+ is an upgraded version of the I'ee six shooter gunship that was developed in YE 39 with the help of Uso's Star Organization shortly after Operation Bright Venom removed the Mishhuvurthyar fleet from the I'ee home system.

About the Ship

The 6+ gunship contains slight tweaks to the overall design, and large improvements to the fire control systems of the ship. While the cannons and the majority of the parts remain the same, Uso's Star Organization was able to provide electronics and targeting sensors that could be integrated into the I'ee design. The resulting ship is largely the same, but now largely targets enemy craft automatically, leaving the I'ee gunners to simply press the shoot button to attack their targets.

As targeting is far more automated, the number of gunners have been reduced from 4 to 2, each one covering one 'hemisphere' above or below the craft in an attempt to better manage the I'ee's reaction towards large, open, 3 dimensional spaces. Similarly, the extra space has been used to increase the number of pilots from 1 to 2, and add a sensor officer to better navigate.

In practice, the accuracy of the ship has been improved, but the piloting has not.

Key Features

  • Maneuverability
  • High firepower relative to size

Mission Specialization

  • Escort Duty
  • Fighter Killer


The craft has a vaguely similar appearance to its prototype predecessors, despite its much larger size. It's chassis has a roughly box-like shape to it, with a spherical cockpit attached to the front. Surrounding the central mass is a circular weapons platform, containing ammunition and six gun mounts with freedom of rotation. At the rear of the vessel is the I'ee's staple particle drive with the characteristic metal prong extending from it. Spaced armor pannels have been attached to the main body, and circular radar targeting mounts have been added above the cannons

History and Background

I'ee 6+ Gunship
Class Overview
Class 6+
Designer Ithee, Vier
Manufaturer Ithee
Mission Specialization Escort
Fielded By Ithee, Thi-Thi, Ithit and Eethie
General Characteristics
Type Escort
Length 44.5m
Width 20 m
Height 25m
Lifespan 3 Years
Range 72 Hours
Refit Cycle 6 Months
Power Source Hyperspace Taps
Crew 2 pilots 2 gunners, 1 sensor officer
Hyperspace Fold N/A
Sublight 0.075c
Hull Armor 8 SP
Shield Capacity N/A
Shield Threshold N/A
Damage Rating (Version 3)
Tier 10, light starship
Stealth N/A
Optical Unlimited
Subspace .5 LY
Thermal Unlimited
Hex-linked Coil-guns with intigrated tracking radar ADR 2 x 6, Tier 6, Heavy Armor
Double-barrelled Coil-gun Turrets ADR 2 x 2, Tier 6, heavy armor

While numerous, the I'ee fleets did not have the capability to deal with the NMX without suffering disproportionate losses. While providing them with better technology and gear would have been a great help in defeating the NMX threat, it was not possible to reach their homeworld without attracting the NMX's attention, making it impossible to help the I'ee fleet.

After Operation Bright Venom, the NMX fleet was removed from the system, but in the process Uso's Star Organization had lost their own fleet. This left the USO with only minimal ability to produce equipment while they built back up their production capacity.

The I'ee fleet, however, was still in a precarious situation. The solution was to provide upgrades to existing ships using the least amount of production capacity possible. Design schematics were provided to the I'ee with alterations to the 6 shooter's layout to reduce weight and position thrusters more efficiently. The weight savings were invested in providing modern fire control systems and targeting for the I'ee's cannons and extra spaced armor panels on the sides.

Statistics and Performance

The I'ee 6+ gunship has similar perfomance to the I'ee 'Six-shooter' Multi-purpose Gunship. While advanced engineering techniques were used to free up weight, that weight savings was re-invested into armor and electronics making it effectively the same. Manuvering thrusters have been repositioned all over the craft, providing it with somewhat better control and precision when making small adjustments.

Ship Systems

The 6+ ship systems are mostly I'ee technology, with some off the shelf data-pads intigrated into control pannels around the bridge. Modern subspace radar systems are also intigrated into the ship's weapon systems to improve targeting.

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

The Hull of the 6+ is mostly made from the I'ee's native Tyranitum alloy, though adjustments have been made to the structure, reducing thicknesses in some places, adding lightening holes in others. Much of the Tyranitum armor has been removed, and replaced with full Durandium inserts.


Small, easy to produce, and capable of running the software needed for space flight. The main computing power for the 6+ is made up of off the shelf datapads that are intigrated into the control panels on the bridge. AwesomeCorp DataJockey x20


Replacing the I'ee's particle drive would be a very labor intensive process, so it was largely left intact. Only small changes in thruster layout were made.


The I'ee's main reactors for the ship have been replaced with USO's U-G3801, which provides a large amount of power at a considerable weight reduction.

Weapons Systems

Similarly, the weapon systems of the ship would be difficult to replace without extensive work. Instead, modern radar systems were implimented to assist with the difficulties I'ee ships have in targeting.


The interior crawlspaces of the 6+ gunship are spacious for the I'ee, giving them plenty of room to crawl from the access hatches, to the rear workstations, to the large, open, forward sphere with its workstations spread out above and below the pilot's command console.

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