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I'ee Joint Technology Expedition


The Joint Technology Expedition is the culmination of the I'ee's Third Restructuring event, which has brought about an increased unity of the I'ee families combined with a more positive and curious outlook on the universe. As its name suggests, the JTE is a party with members drawn from different I'ee families, all collaborating in an effort to make new technological advances. Its main method of achieving this goal is by assimilating alien technology, either through salvage operations, or through trading with alien civilisations.


The JTE takes the form of a small, modest fleet of assorted ships, manned by an assortment of I'ee from varying families. The vessels currently assigned to the JTE are:

  • The Utility Vessel; a multi-purpose craft that functions as a command centre, laboratory and mechanic. Gut-Stripe is the de-facto commander.
  • The Treasury Vessel; a Patrol Craft whose interior has been wholly converted to the task of transporting materials and information for trading purposes. Sammy is the de-facto captain.
  • Four Gunships, assigned to the Utility Vessel.
  • One Dragoon Corvette, the primary escort.


The participating families, and their stake in each member vessel are as follows:

  1. The Utility Vessel possesses around 50 members each from Ith'it, and Ith'ee, all specialised in scientific and mechanical study.
  2. The Treasury Vessel is staffed with a skeleton crew of about 30 members, all hailing from the Ee'ith family. Thus, the Treasury Vessel is their 'flagship' of sorts in the operation.
  3. The four gunships are each crewed with 5 Thi-thi pilots. When not on duty, the gunships are docked with the Utility Vessel; where the pilots sleep.
  4. Similarly to the gunships, the Dragoon escort is crewed with Thi-thi, and moors with the Utility Vessel when not in action.
  5. Two I'oth workers are present as medical personnel.


YE 38

  • The JTE is launched. Sometime after leaving I'ee space, the fleet encounters Planet Osman and make contact with Uso and her mercenaries. A bargain is struck between the two. In return for technology and information on warfare, the JTE has begun assisting Uso's regime in building new infrastructure.
  • After a rebel faction attacks Uso's government upon Osman, coinciding with a dangerous sandstorm, three I'ee engineers are caught out in the storm and suffocate. Two Ith'ee and one Ith'it were killed. Sammy and another Ee'ith ambassador accompany the carrier Necromancer on a mission into I'ee space to make contact and convey Uso's bargain. Gut-Stripe and the rest of the JTE remain planetside.

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