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Broadsword Class Cruiser

The Broadsword class Cruiser is designed to be the mainstay of the OSO's space forces, being able to act as a frontline combatant with its medium armor and armament, while still being fast and flexible enough to fill out other roles as well.

About the Ship

The Broadsword redesign was designed in the early days of YE 39 using standardized parts from Origin Industries and open source Freespacer weapons to flesh out the forces of the fledgeling organization's navy and provide a force capable of defending it in times of war, as well as serve as a fleet to expand territory.

Key Features

The most notable feature of the Broadsword is its flexibility in roles. With its medium armor and armament it is able to fight on the frontlines as well as carry small craft into battle.

Mission Specialization

  • Hit and run tactics on the front line
  • Massed attacks


The broadsword is shaped like a Y or a fork, with its main body forming most of the ship and the two β€œtines” holding the main engines.

History and Background

The OSO designed the Broadsword in the early days of YE 39 after the loss of USO ships, which were modified freighters. It was decided that a ship that could withstand the rigors of battle was needed sorely, and the Broadsword class was designed. Due to the fact that more traditional corporate produced weaponry was far too expensive for anything but the main weapon of the ship, the designs for several freespacer weapons systems were procured from freespacers on Planet Osman.

After the Exodus Fleet left the OSO, a refit was designed to reduce the crew requirements for the ship in order to cope with the low level of personnel available within the Exodus Fleet, as well as improve fighting ability by adding more weapons systems. The extra space from removed bunks and facilities was changed to extra hangar space, allowing for the embarkment of two more flights of fighters, and a single small Automanufactory Module was added in the engineering section for fabrication of replacement parts, refinement of ores, and production of munitions.

Statistics and Performance

The broadsword is a light cruiser, and is more mobile than a traditional capital ship and has less weaponry, but is more heavily armed than a lighter ship, and has carrying capacity for two flights of U-1s.



Pre YE 40 refit

Crew: 200 crew members are recommended, 100 are required.

Maximum Capacity: There are accommodations for 250 people. About 400 people can fit aboard in an emergency, but the ship would be extremely cramped.

Post YE 40 refit

Crew: 150 crew members are recommended, 85 are required.

Maximum Capacity: There are accommodations for 200 people. About 300 people can fit aboard in an emergency, but the ship would be extremely cramped.

Dimensions & Mass

  • Length: 320 meters
  • Width: 60 meters
  • Height: 60 meters
  • Decks: 10 (4 meters each)
  • Mass: 161,987 Metric Tons

Note: the discrepancy between total height and height when adding up deck heights is accounted for by armor and cargo space.

Propulsion and Range

Damage Capacity

See Damage Rating (Version 3) for an explanation of the damage system.

  • Hull: Heavy Starship (T12) rated hull.
  • Shields: Heavy Starship (T12) rated shields.
  • Shield Type: Conformal

Inside the Ship

Though the Broadsword is a warship, it's moderate crew requirements allow much of the extra space to be used for creature comforts and recreational areas. This allows the crew to remain comfortable even on long voyages. When more crew are embarked or a contingent of ground forces are being transported the ship is much more cramped.

Compartment Layouts

All crew quarters and recreational areas are located within a few decks of each other in the centre of the ship. Armories, medical facilities and restrooms are interspersed throughout the ship to allow for ease of access.


The Broadsword hold its weapons and power armors in three Armories located throughout the ship, one at the stern, one at the bow, and one amidships.


The Broadsword sports both a bridge and a CIC. Both are a Standard Bridge. However, since the primary bridge is located on a elevated position, during combat it can retract into the hull for more protection.

Captain's Suite

The broadsword has one Captain's Suite for the captain of the vessel.

Cargo Storage Areas

The broadsword has two cargo storage areas in the lower decks, both accessible by large cargo lifts. Each hold is 30 meters long, 20 meters wide by and 10 meters tall.

Crew Cabins

85 double occupancy cabins for general crew and 30 single occupancy cabins for officers. In addition to these there are also many heads located all throughout the ship as well as several laundry rooms.

Crew Recreation

One small set of Recreational Facilities amidships.


The Broadsword has an engineering compartment capable of preforming repairs on almost every system on the ship, as well as serving as a hub for the many maintenance conduits that are present throughout the ship.

Maintenance Conduits

There is a network of Standard Access Tunnels throughout the ship.

Medical Center

There are two Standard Medical Bays, one at the stern and one at the front.


The Broadsword uses Standard Hallways.


The Broadsword has a single Wardroom located adjacent to a Origin Industries Standard Kitchen.


There are Elevators all throughout the ship to allow for changing decks.

Ship Systems

The broadsword has the shielding, armour and firepower of a warship, but civilian level computer systems and sensors. It on average performs on par with other ships of its size and class.

Armored Hull and Hull Integrated Systems

Three meter thick (total) spaced Nerimium armor all across the ship. In the gaps between the armor layers there is a ballistic gel that serves to slow down projectiles and seal off breaches before solidifying into hard armor after a hull breach.

Computers and Electronics

A queen level Destiny AI and computer suite, complete with all of the sensors and computing capabilities that it confers.

Emergency Systems

The Broadsword has emergency systems located throughout the ship, such as fire suppressant systems, emergency fusion generators and bulkheads to seal off hull breaches.

Life Support Systems

The Broadsword has capable environmental control and life support systems, capable of regulating temperature, air quality and composition, humidity, as well as air, biomass and water recycling systems.


As well as fusion thrusters and RCS systems, the Broadsword uses a Inline Aether to Plasma Drive for its primary thrust.

Shield Systems

The Broadsword has nodes located throughout the hull that project a conformal set of shields all across the ship. By depowering some of these nodes, shields can be lowered in a certain area to allow EVA or fighter craft to exit a hangar.

Each node is composed of a projector for Gravity shields and a projector for Electromagnetic shields.

Weapons Systems

Below is the list of weapons systems which the Broadsword class mounts.

Pre YE 40 refit
Post YE 40 refit


These are the specifications of the hangars on the Broadsword class, before and after the YE 40 refit.

Pre YE 40 Refit

The Broadsword has two hangars, one on either side of the ship. Each hangar is capable of holding 5 U-1 variable mecha/fighters and whatever shuttle craft can fit in it.

Post YE 40 Refit

The Broadsword has two hangars, one on either side of the ship. Each hangar is capable of holding 10 U-1 variable mecha/fighters and whatever shuttle craft can fit in it.

OOC Notes

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Artwork generated using Shapewright Ships.

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