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Model 1 Dovanian Army Uniform

The Model 1 Dovanian Army Uniform is a T2 armor and uniform. Used by Monarchy of Dovania in the Dovanian Army. The initial use being in YE 40.


The Model 1 Dovanian Army Uniform was designed in YE 40 by Lora Kingsley. It was issued and developed shortly after the initial start of the Planet Xuno take over. though didn't see much deployment till the end of the war and immediately after. The design was made to become a decent light infantry personnel armor and uniform. Having strong enough armor to protect vital organs and be light enough for quick movements. It had no predecessor other than being based off of the very heavy steel plate armor that the people on Xuno used as heavy armor. The Model 1 Dovanian Army Uniform was developed to be a lighter, cheaper, and more efficient alternative.


The Model 1 Dovanian Army Uniform is a 75% polyester and 25% cotton dark grey camo undershirt with Velcro zip up down the center of the chest. With the pants being made of the same materials. The face mask is made out of a 50-50 however. The chest platen, arm braces, and leg guards are made out of a titanium-chromium alloy, being both light and durable. The helmet is made out of the same material. There are only a few added features that are available. This includes the Dovanian banner on the upper back and a flash light compatible mount on the left shoulder. all of the straps are made of reinforced leather. Last, the cape is there only for Officers and above. Enlisted only being able to wear them during special occasions.

The only colors that the uniform comes in is Silver Black.


This Uniform is used for everyday use if active duty Dovanian Army, the armor parts have to be worn with the uniform or else the individual soldier would get a citation. The correct order to place on the articles of clothing goes as follows,

  • Put on pants then undershirt
  • Put on leg plating
  • Put on belt with thigh guard
  • Put on boots
  • Place on chest plate
  • Attach neck guard
  • Place on wrist guards
  • Wear mask
  • Attach Helmet
  • (Special) Attach Cape

The Shirt, Mask, Cape, and Pants can be cleaned in the washer and dryer. However the leather titanium toe boots must be polished. The wrist guard, leg guards, chest plate, and helmet must be polished as well.

Statistics & Performance

The Dovanian Army Uniform: Armor Portions

  • Class: Medium Personnel Armor
  • Designers: Lora Kingsley
  • Manufacturer: Monarchy of Dovania
  • Fielded by: Monarchy of Dovania
  • Maintenance Cycle: The armor can last for at most 10 weeks without proper cleaning before it starts to become more difficult to wear and less efficient. Some repairs may be needed after combat.
  • Lifespan: Guaranteed to last 20 years rust and deterioration free, (With minimal combat). Will last 15 if used in combat regularly, though can last longer up to 18 years if maintained well enough.

Damage Capacity Stats

The armor can last for many battles without repairs, although severe damage still warrants repair.

Damage Rating: Tier 2

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