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240mm LLAG (Light Linear Artillery Gun)

The 240mm artillery gun is a newly developed linear weapon that fires rocket-assisted tactical-use rounds, filling specific niches in the place of the more assault-oriented 360mm HLAG. This caliber of Light Artillery Gun is specialized to fire mission-specific rounds with warhead ranging from anti-starship OMDE shells, disruptive particle spreaders, sensors disruption drones and wide area crowd control compound release canisters. The rounds on LAG-type linear weapons are faster than those used by LAC-type weapons, and have longer range with minute mid-flight course correction because of the usage of a particle thruster assistance system, comprised of a vectored thruster and an array of nine small verniers arranged around the shell.

OMDE shells are designed to deliver a starship-scale OMDE payload to cause partial damage to hull systems and eat away stealth armor. Particle release canisters spread a charged particle which temporarily disrupts communications, sensors and unarmored electronics (even those protected by Faraday cages) and causes a burning sensation on the skin of species with tactile senses. Sensors disruption drones are equipped with VANDR-scale MRS suites that cause heavy jamming of sensors and communications in a 1 KM area, before self-destructing violently after 240 seconds. Crowd control shells spread a non-lethal neurotoxin which inhibits a percentage of all impulses to voluntary nerves, causing reduced mobility in organic species.

Location: Ship or Vehicle Mounted Purpose: Anti-Subsystem Secondary: Various Damage, AoE

  • Particle: MDR 2 (Shield Only)/ Electrical Damage, 200 M
  • Jamming Drone: N/A, 1 KM
  • Crowd Control Agent: N/A, 200 M

Range: 25 KM in Atmosphere, Theoretically Unlimited in Space Rate of Fire: 45 RPM Muzzle Velocity: 3700 m/s

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