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360mm HLAG (Heavy Linear Artillery Gun)

The 360mm artillery gun is a classic solenoid-based artillery gun, originally designed to be employed as a bombardment weapon by light starships, or as a towed direct fire artillery piece. Although it fell into disuse with the advent of the MASC Drive and the eventual development of advanced organoid units such as the So-M1-1A Erla VANDR which obsoleted long ranged weapons batteries. After some time, the design is being reused in the construction of the So-O1 Series MACD (Mobile Arsenal Canister Drone).

Unusual for a Iromakuanhe design, the HLAG is designed for optimal reliability and striking power at a slight cost to overall accuracy. The weapon is sturdy, uncomplicated and difficult to break or overload, and easy to use because it relies only on targeting optics and sensor data to aim, and does not employ any guidance systems after firing. The rate of fire is slow, so no special power or coolant systems were required, and the assembly is constructed from non-ferrous Aggregated Diamond Nanorods, allowing it to withstand the pressures of supersonic rounds. It has three round types specialized for various purposes based on those of the 80mm Autocannon, consisting of larger flak shells that contain thousands of ADNR pellets, high explosive rounds for long ranged bombardment, and an anti-ship/anti-fortress kinetic penetration round.

Location: Ship or Vehicle Mounted Purpose: Anti-Vehicle/Anti-Fortification Secondary: Various Damage, AoE

  • AA Flak: MDR 4, 400 M
  • Explosive: MDR 4, 600 M
  • Kinetic Penetrator: Tier 10, Light Anti-Starship

Range: 109.8 KM in Atmosphere, Theoretically Unlimited in Space Rate of Fire: 30 RPM Muzzle Velocity: 6100 m/s

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