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720mm LRHZ (Linear Howitzer)

The 720mm Linear Howitzer is a hybrid-fire solenoid weapon designed for heavy firepower or specialty rounds at immense distances, and is a recent addition to the Astral Vanguard's armories. Although other linear weapons use in-series solenoids to propel their intended packages at high velocities, the LHRZ is the only weapon that uses this mechanism to drive the round high into the atmosphere, before the thrust system in each howitzer shell takes over and guides the projectile. In this sense, the weapon system is much more like the launch system for a light tactical cruise missile than an artillery piece, named as such only because of its indirect and semi-indirect fire mechanism.

The weapon's canister rounds are designed to fill niches similar those of the 240mm LLAG. In this respect, the Particle Canister is identical to its 240mm variant, save that the capacitor system is larger and possesses a higher density of particles. This in turn results in a more intense effect at the point of detonation and an extended area of effect.

The fungal canister contains a high pressure gas that contains fast-growing fungal spores that have been spliced with the enzyme production genes from the OMDE. When it comes into contact with metal or metaloids, the fungal mass begins to grow at an exponential rate, expanding outwards rapidly and into the armor in a much more gradual fashion, until it has exhausted the dense nutrient shell that coats each spore.

On the other hand, the repulsor burst and bunker buster rounds are rather similar in practice, the notable differences between the two being the relative technological level of their respective warheads. The repulsor burst initiates a massive distortion blast upon impact, which unleashes intense kinetic force in a one kilometer radius, as well as a shockwave that is capable of crippling or injuring within another three kilometers. The bunker buster is far simpler, consisting of a high-energy shaped charge behind a penetrator tip, that is meant to pierce heavy fortifications and collapse bunkers and other underground facilities.

Location: Ship or Vehicle Mounted Purpose: Anti-Vehicle/Anti-Fortification Secondary: Various Damage, AoE

  • Particle Canister: MDR 5 (Shield Only)/ Electrical Damage, 1 KM
  • Fungal Canister: See OMDE Damage Chart (VANDR), 1 KM
  • Repulsor Burst Shell: Tier 9, Heavy Anti-Mecha, 1 KM (3 KM Shockwave)
  • Bunker Buster (HE) Shell: MDR 4, 500 M

Range (Main Fire): 473.9 KM in Atmosphere, Theoretically Unlimited in Space Range (Indirect Fire)1): 263.12) KM in Atmosphere, Theoretically Unlimited in Space Rate of Fire: 10 RPM Muzzle Velocity: 23000 m/s

Indirect fire allows for round to course correct as it descends, so actual ranges vary.

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