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80mm LAC (Linear Autocannon)

The 80mm LAC was the old mainstay of Iromakuanhe weaponry before the development of efficient laser weapons, capable of delivering short to mid-ranged high velocity solid munitions for anti-aircraft and anti-tank purposes. It fires ferrous cored or shelled rounds by accelerating it through a series of room temperature superconductor solenoids which 'pull' the round out of the barrel, allowing the weapon to shoot out at velocities which exceed those of typical chemical rounds. The primary round types for the LAC are Agridinn AA flak shells which spray into a shower of aggregated diamond nanorod pellets, explosive anti-rank rounds and Agridinn-tipped solid round anti-VANDR.

Previously used as an anti-vehicle weapon mounted on light starships, the LAC has had a resurgence in usage with the inception of the So-O1 Series MACD (Mobile Arsenal Canister Drone).

Location: Ship or Vehicle Mounted Purpose: Anti-Vehicle Secondary: Suppression Fire Damage, AoE

  • AA Flak: MDR 3, 20m
  • Explosive MDR 3, 30m
  • Solid: MDR 5, N/A

Range: 18.9 KM in Atmosphere, Theoretically Unlimited in Space Rate of Fire: 480 RPM Muzzle Velocity: 2100 m/s

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