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Adaptive Extend System

The Adaptive Extend System, or AES, are a series of military and civilian-use symbiotes jointly manufactured and produced by Solan Starworks and Altjira Biomedical, designed to extend the theoretical empathic abilities of Iromakuanhe in specialist professions. Primary AES technologies include the widely available NervExtend biological network analysis system and PsychExtend pseudopsionic drone controller. While originally designed for usage by medical professionals and civilian drone specialists, these devices are especially common among the Astral Vanguard, due its heavy bent towards organoid technologies and user-reliant automation.

Designer: Solan Starworks, Altjira Biomedical Manufacturer: Altjira Biomedical Pricing:

  • PsychExtend: 3500 KD
  • NervExtend: 2000 KD
  • TelExtend: 2000 KD

General Information



Purpose: Drone Controller Range (Instructed): 16 KM Range:



AES-type Extend symbiotes are attached at the base of the neck, taking the form of a collar piece surrounded with a series of vertical bands of Strodirn that stand up to form a circular disk when the unit is activated. With an outer casing composed primarily of polished Strodirn panels with a pseudoorganic insert on the inside to cushion the user's neck and an efficient internal circuitry layout, each unit weighs no more than a quarter-kilogram and can rest comfortably on a majority of users. To ensure a secure hold, the insert is able to expand or shrink to better cushion the user's neck.


See: Symbiotics: Extend-type

Operation of the devices is entirely based upon nervous impulses, rather than thought, because it was understood that a system that utilized conscious thought would leave the user vulnerable to distractions and prone to mistakes from errant thoughts. The system instead uses feedback from the nervous system, using the impulses that move the voluntary muscles of the body. The user may then customize their AES's operating system to take cues from existing nervous, eventually training the body to 'develop' new impulses the system can pick up, without requiring that user move their body in any observable fashion. Iromakuanhe users, as well as those with similarly enhanced nervous systems are able to do this with comparative ease.

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