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Ahmida Engineering Bay

Ahmida Civiltech does not push boundaries or attempt to sidestep major concerns in engineering through radical techniques, and instead relies on good and reliable, standardized engineering. The engineering bay produced by Ahmidan designers and engineers is designed for optimal space efficiency and safety, not comfort, and is thus little more than a succession of fireproof and corrosion-resistant mesh and composite tile walkways that pass over and around the clusters of essential components such as reactors, engines and life support. Critical subsystems are placed behind hyperglass walls, and all electrical and reactor cable components are isolated from eachother and the main walkways through additional hyperglass compartments that can be accessed easily.

In case of a breakage on the reactor lines, the chambers inside are designed to seal it off and jettison it into space. Although conventional fusion reactors could be more easily powered down, COFU Reactors contain a much larger volume of energy because of their internalized distortion of space and could have a much larger backlash in case of a containment failure.


  • Numerous safety protocols.
  • Easy access to facilities.

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