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Ahmida Locker Rooms

Ahmida Civiltech makes a starship crew's solutions to storage and personal hygiene easy and effective. On smaller ships, the Locker Room is merely a a storage area with biometric-scanning lockers assigned by crew member, with an attached bathroom. On large vessels such as ferries, fishing trawlers and luxury liners, the Locker Rooms are expanded into full changing areas, with shower stalls and a full lavatory, as well as a large number of lockers around a public changing area. Taking notes from Solan, designers also were sure to include a large public bath and several steambaths in a separate area. For the purposes of keeping privacy while encouraging intimacy, all the showering areas are functionally private and the bathing areas enclosed by default.

Maintenance is carried out in a very thorough and effective manner with automated drones cleaning the mats and removing moisture at regular intervals, running scans for fungi and contaminants and flagging breakages for repair by staff and larger-scale maintenance machines.

Crew are expected to provide their own toiletries, although some vessels my provide it by default.


  • Multiple options for bathing.
  • Options for privacy without too much isolation.
  • Biometric scan lockers with protective Strodirn paneling1).
Tier 2, Medium Anti-Personnel

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