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Ahmida Lounges

Ahmida Civiltech is a company that specializes in recreation, be it consumer electronics, hovercraft of various styles or even the recreational spaces of a starship. To this extent, Ahmidan designers have created space saving lounges designed to cater to the needs of crew and passengers alike, and provide a posh and pleasing interior to suit all tastes. Shipboard lounges generally sit around eighty and fit a hundred more in a squeeze, with one lounge for every six hundred or so crew, and feature a wide assortment of activities and facilities. Following the modular patterns of the personnel quarters, the foamcoat plas paneling of the walls gives away to a dense mesh of ropbotic arms and plugins that make it possible to insert appliances, electronics or configure the walls to store and deploy various styles and types of furniture.

The general layout is simple, with a juice and drink bar, parlour games and several chairs for lounging and watching one of four viewscreens. More modern styles also incorporate a large number of private terminals for access through the ship's local datanet and communications system.


  • Customizable, spacious and welcoming.
  • Standard lounge setup has a bar, viewscreens and several parlour games.
  • Supports wireless network access1)
Although, so do most ships.

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