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Ahmida Restrooms

Ahmida Civiltech's many large starships are designed to be lived in as much as possible, and include bathrooms integrated into the living areas. But for passengers aboard short-term transports, the more attractive and cost-effective option is a public bathroom, the standard fare of large transit craft. A single bathroom will have sixteen toilet stalls, eight sinks and four fixed water reclamation drones that vacuum water off with self-sterilizing apparatuses to preserve water economy. Toiletries features is a protein mesh made from reclaimed biomass and spun into a soft white fiber for hygienic purposes, and liquid biosoaps in a neutral or generally enjoyed scent. Maintenance drones will perform bi-hourly cleaning sweeps of every bathroom, cleaning spills and stains and sterilizing contaminated areas.

Most passenger ships will have one bathroom for every two hundred passengers and have half of the bathrooms of each type to have changing stations for infants.


  • Unusually clean and pleasant.
  • Decent allocation of space and plumbing.
  • Contains only stalls, and is generally not segregated by gender.

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