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Ahmida Shuttle Bay

Ahmida Civiltech starships are often meant to support the standard transport infrastructure of the Commonwealth, which includes a variety of light spacecraft. The shuttle bay is a standard piece of engineering, with a basic Agridinn floor coated in nanocrystaline fireproof impact foams. There is little or no maintenance equipment on-site, since Ahmida shuttle bays are meant to store spacecraft, rather than maintain them, although the bay does have repair equipment in large trolleys in the supply closets and several robotic arms overhead. The standard layout connects the shuttle bay to one or two runways, separated by shutter doors and given the additional protection of a pair of mobile electrostatic shields that are able to alternate positions to pressurize and depressurize the launch bays and avoid a waste of atmosphere.


  • Fireproof floor.
  • Robotic arms and maintenance equipment.
  • Self-depressurizing shielded runway and automatic shutter doors.

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