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Ahmida Storage Bay

Ahmida Civiltech transport vessels are usually quite large and as such typically have large-space efficient bays. These bays are designed for maximum storage capacity, usage of allotted space; organization and ease of storing/retrieval of goods. While spacious and efficient they are fairly modular in design to better be able to handle different loads. Cars and other vehicles can be stored in revolver-style loading bays which can be re purposed by the automated loading systems for large to medium-scale cargo containers or pallets containing smaller wares. Depending on size of materials being stored the bays are partitioned off from each other as an organizational and safety measure as well. Should more space be required however the partitions can be lowered/disassembled to increase storage capacity.


  • Modular Design
  • Automated Systems and Load-Bearing Equipment
  • Optimized or allotted space
  • Partitioned sections

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