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Advanced Particle Lancing (APaLa) Missile

Designed to replace the bulky and low-maneuverability PHID, the APaLA Missile is a fast-flying, agile homing missile used in medium to long ranged combat. It is primarily designed to destroy stationary targets on the ground such as sensors stations and defensive emplacements, as well as ground and air-based vehicles. Instead of a high volume burst warhead, refinements in particle weapon technology have allow the smaller APaLa system to create a geyser-like relativistic particle blast at the point of impact, allowing it to penetrate armor more effectively. In effect, the weapon acts as a shaped charge, making it ideal for damaging mecha and light starships with thin hulls.

The missiles are flat with a profile that slightly resembles that of a leaf, with a rounded thruster port that tapers up to a pointed Agridinn tip. Onboard systems include a small non-sentient or sapient brain, thermal, motion and IFF sensors, a basic thrust vectoring-capable STL propulsion system and the charged particle generator, giving them the total size of a small scuba tank. The missiles cannot be regenerated as with the PASD series, but deal much more damage in comparison.

Location: Vehicle-Mounted Purpose: Anti-Emplacement, Anti-Vehicle Secondary: Anti-Starship Salvo Size: 3 Damage: T8, Electrical Damage

Range: 55 KM in Atmosphere, 5.4 Light Seconds in Space Rate of Fire: 1 salvo every 7 Seconds Area of Effect: 10 Meter 'Geyser' Muzzle Velocity: Mach 8.1 in Atmosphere, .27c in Space Ammunition 18 Missiles

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