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Iromakuanhe Arcology

This article relating to setting background is a stub. You can help Star Army by expanding it.

An arcology1) is an umbrella term for large scale self-sufficient habitats of extremely high population density, is a common sight on harsh and newly-colonized Iromakuanhe worlds. Such structures feature residential and commercial facilities, and extensive internalized energy and matter reprocessing facilities to reduce environmental impact and prolong long term viability in spite of supply scarcity. Populations in such structures typically range from half a million and all the way past fifty million people, with population densities which can exceed a twenty thousand inhabitants per square kilometer. Style varies from colony to colony to suit environmental needs.

Typically Feature:

OOC Notes

All arcology-type habitats use starship-class Damage Rating (Version 3) for their armor when attacked. Authored by Exhack and approved by Soresu on Feb 7, 20092)

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