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Astral Vanguard Creed

Faith, Efficiency, Resolve.

I am a soldier of the Astral Vanguard,


  • I serve my country faithfully.
  • I defend my kinsmen, my peers and my centuries-old culture.
  • I steel myself from the perils of war, and stay true to the beliefs of my people.
  • I will honor the blood pledges of my ancestors to the ancient Makuori.


  • I will know my trade and serve well.
  • I will act with proper judgment or follow the proper judgment of my superiors.
  • I will not shed blood needlessly.
  • I will not let war persist when there can be peace. I will seize it quickly, by writ or force of arms.


  • I will be stalwart in the face of adversity.
  • I must be ready to place my own life at risk to protect the multitudes.
  • I must be ready to place a few lives at risk to protect the multitudes.
  • I will stand firm and uphold the values of the Astral Vanguard, always.

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