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Astral Vanguard Duty Uniform

The Astral Vanguard Duty Uniform, often referred to as the Starship Duty Uniform (SDU), is a uniform used by the Iromakuanhe Astral Vanguard since Iromakuanhe Calendar 899. It is, if anything else, a symbol of Commonwealth authority.

Example with coat. Art by Nyki.


The Starship Duty Uniform is comprised of:

  • A sleeveless teal turtleneck made from a form fitting, cottony smart cloth referred to as 'mesh'.
  • Light blue pants that can be selected in loose, fitted and tight (non-regulation) variants.
  • A long light blue coat with a dark blue and gold trim along the edges. Rank patches are worn on the left breast.
    • Grey wristguards on the sleeves that protect from wrist injuries and can deflect light bladed weapons.
  • Fairly thin white or grey gloves.
  • Lightweight composite-plated boots designed for walking and working in dangerous environments.(Heeled boots are likewise non-regulation.)


Many characters requisition or wear additional items with their Starship Duty Uniform, such as:

  • Welding goggles to protect from fabrication bay fusion torchlights.
  • A Solanii Datarod in hand, with translucent volumetric radial menu deployed.
  • A Solanii Laiz Pistol in holster on leg or sides of chest.
  • A white and teal modern-styled Kepi.
  • White and blue armored vests that fit over the coat or turtleneck (as necessary).


Some SDU variants have the following modifications:

  • The jacket and turtleneck are simply replaced with the heavier long-sleeve turtleneck from the CWU. Rank patches are on the shoulder instead.
  • White uniforms with blue trim in the case of the VIA and black uniforms with red trim for VIA Special Operations Forces.
  • Pauldrons, faux cuirasses, sashes and somewhat archaic detailing is often seen on the uniforms of fleet commanders to distinguish them from their subordinates.


The Starship Duty Uniform has these special properties:

  • The long coat is fireproof and lightly bulletproof against small caliber pistols. This due to a layer of adaptive smart material located in the lining and thin wool blend-like top layer of the coat.
  • The turtleneck and undergarments are actually universally interchangeable and made of a heat and bio-electrically activated smart material that creates a snug, comfortable fit.
  • The coat is able to snap itself closed without any buttons, owing to the incorporation of smart materials into their design. If the user snaps the top three 'buttons' shut, the coat will resist being pulled open.


A kepi-style hat is available for wear with the Duty Uniform. It is made in colors that match the coat.

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