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Advanced Vector Detonation (AVeDe) Missile

The AVeDe is a ground attack missile designed to be fired en-masse, primarily used in low-precision bombing runs and terror tactics. Making use of repulsion technology to generate massive distortive waves are the point of impact, the AVeDe is a less elegant sibling to the high-precision AVeLa, sharing much of its functionality although being used in a slightly different setting. The AVeDe system is fired in large volleys of eight, and do not have the same course-correction ability as most other Solanii missiles, making them more akin to semi-guided rockets. Appropriately, these missiles are generally used in bombarding ground formations and structures, delivering relatively accurate and hard-hitting firepower from a high-mobility platform such as the Raevr VANDR.

Although somewhat more powerful and smaller in size, the explosive power of each missile depends on their ability to quickly build up 'bubbles' of compressed space around themselves mid-flight before hitting the target, negating their viability in stealth operation as anything other than impressive decoys. Like most non-FTL MASC-derived technologies, these systems do work in a gravity well, although gravitic or distortion-based shields are still largely effective at mitigating their effects.

AVeDe missiles resemble large curved flechettes with a sturdy aggregate diamandoid/composite construction that make them a little cheaper to produce than other advanced Solanii missiles. Onboard systems include a small non-sentient or sapient brain, thermal, motion and IFF sensors, a basic thrust vectoring-capable STL propulsion system and the charged particle generator, giving them the total size of an average housecat. Due to their inorganic construction, these missiles are not regenerative like the PASD-series.

Location: Vehicle-Mounted Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Vehicle Secondary: Anti-Emplacement Salvo Size: 8 Damage: MDR 4, Kinetic Damage

Range: 27.9 KM in Atmosphere, 4.2 Light Seconds in Space Rate of Fire: 1 salvo every 7 Seconds Area of Effect: 30 Meter 'Wave' Muzzle Velocity: Mach 5.1 in Atmosphere, .21c in Space Ammunition 32 Missiles

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