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Advanced Vector Lancing (AVeLa) Missile

As a complement to the recent APaLa Missile, the AVeLa system is a fast-flying and agile homing missile use in short-to-medium range confrontations. It is primarily designed as an anti-infantry and anti-armor system, although it is adept at disrupting ground vehicle formations and shattering fragile electronics. Upon detonation, the weapon generates a cone-like distortive shockwave that translates to kinetic shock when it passes through a solid medium. Rows of infantry are theoretically dispersed and crippled and vehicles can be knocked off-course by the shock, granting the weapon great tactical flexibility.

The cone of force can also be inverted for anti-structure and anti-vehicle attacks, generating an intense armor-penetrating cone of force that can shatter, ply or ripple most forms of armor with repeated attacks. Although theoretically weaker than the APaLa, these warheads generate very little heat or radiation by contrast, allowing for more discrete operations.

Each missile has a construction similar to the APaLa, featuring an elongated leaf-like shape and aggregated diamondoid construction that gives it good resilience to shock. Onboard systems include a small non-sentient or sapient brain, thermal, motion and IFF sensors, a basic thrust vectoring-capable STL propulsion system and the charged particle generator, giving them the total size of a small scuba tank. Due to their complex construction, these missiles are not regenerative like the PASD-series.

Location: Vehicle-Mounted Purpose: Anti-Infantry, Anti-Vehicle Secondary: Anti-Emplacement Salvo Size: 3 Damage: MDR 3, Kinetic Damage

Range: 55 KM in Atmosphere, 5.4 Light Seconds in Space Rate of Fire: 1 salvo every 7 Seconds Area of Effect: 30 Meter 'Cone' or 10 Meter 'Spike' Muzzle Velocity: Mach 8.1 in Atmosphere, .27c in Space Ammunition 18 Missiles

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