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Berstim is a potent stimulant that sends the user into a highly focused state of combat awareness, akin to drugs that trigger berserker instincts but rather than make them entirely unthinking, it renders the subject cold and analytical in combat. While under the influence of Bherstim, individuals will seek to annihilate the enemy with dogged determination and icy rage, without having their abilities or judgment clouded by strong emotions. This is done through the use of short-lived symbiote cultures that directly stimulate certain portions of the brain, numbing the portions that regulate feeling while stimulating the ability to reason. Bherstim is one of a few highly regulated substances in the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth and is only sold with a governmental license.

Effects last for up to twelve hours per dose, and multiple doses do not result in increased effects or overdose. Common side effects include mild anxiety for several days after use, insomnia and depression. In rarer cases, some individuals experience recurring nightmares after regular dosing.


Due to the preference for liquid medications over pills, Bherstim is usually sold in small 6 cm cylindrical canisters of medication in a suspension of artificial plasma or Prajna. The light orange liquid can be ingested or injected into the bloodstream, and has mild, slightly citrus taste to it.

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