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Biomass Harvest System (BHS)

Though considered slightly repugnant by some, the Biomass Harvest System is a crucial component of the largely organic vessels and light craft of the Iromakuanhe. It is designed to capture and rapidly break down any compatible biomass, typically algae, krill and plants, though the system can be used to gather from other sources. First, biomass is harvested via a combined vacuum/impeller array and drawn into the main entry orifice, where it is quickly ground into a fine paste and fed into a digestive organ, where it is broken down into basic amino acids, minerals and nutrients. This solution is fed into the conduits of the organic machine and serves as both a fuel for organic components and a source of biomass to regenerate wounds from.

To prevent infection from unknown diseases, or contamination from chemical sources, the Harvest System has a highly sensitive gland that is fully capable of detecting minute amounts of harmful materials in increments as low as 5 PPM. Such substances can be evacuated from the system, but often requires jettisoning of all materials currently being processed.

The BHS can process plant-based lifeforms, algae, krill and even the corpses of most carbon-based lifeforms, if needed. Built in safeties prevent the recycling of animal life larger than 125 cm^3 in volume.

OOC Notes

Authored by Exhack and approved by Andrew on February 21, 20081)

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