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Blue Gift Expanse

Bue Gift Expanse is a retailer that sells Iromakuanhe products in the Iruotl System.

About Blue Gift Expanse

This company sells many products from sources such as Altjira Biomedical, Sogol Group, and Solan Starworks. The company was started by Saathi Pavitra after a few failed attempts at technology related careers. She had come into a surplus of tech to be sold discreetly in AR 942. Through the connections she had made that way, she was able to take out a small business loan and soon had opened one of the fastest growing tech stores, hitting an untapped market of quick purchases while the product remained of exceptional quality.

Not even a year into the business and Saathi Pavitra had been approached by Aashi Nath Werner on behalf of a friend of the Iromakuanhe, Koga Akemi, who wanted some of the locations on space ports in the Kikyo Sector and so began a deal to do so.

The Logo of Blue Gift Expanse can be found below.

The logo of the Blue Gift Expanse is the full name in black mohave type face, each word having its own line. The center of each word is separated significantly. In the center of the words and behind them is a slate blue and white rift-like rhombohedron.


“Out of the Blue Deals!”

General Information

Below is information on the CEO, faction, and symbol.

Blue Gift Expanse
CEO Saathi Pavitra
Faction Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth
Product Symbol BGE


Lahru on planet Hlarai is where Blue Gift Expanse was first conceived and the storefront expands to include an entire city block with offices above and a large flagship storefront below.


There is currently at least one Blue Gift Expanse store in every major city of the Iruotl System.


The day to day emploees report to the shift managers, who report to the store managers, who report to the branch managers, who report to a corporate manager, which there are five, who all report to Saathi Pavotra.

Products Sold

Below is a list of products sold:

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