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Buoslik are small grenade-sized pods used by Astral Vanguard Physicians to close and bind wounds in emergencies. They are composed of a thin outer casing of biodegradable Strodirn and filled with a nutrient solution and thousands of thin, silky white worm-like like creatures that attach and wrap themselves around wounded areas of a body presented to them. Compressed projections similar to cilia extend from their sides and interlock with one another, forming strong bonds. Their bodies are coated with a liquid that forms into a potent natural adhesive in the presence of blood plasma, and secrete a powerful combination of antiseptics and localized painkillers once a solid 'skin' has formed, making the devices ideal for temporary treatment of blade, bullet and burn wounds, fractures and violent rashes. Unfortunately, they are unsuitable for treating internal bleeding and damage via corrosive, poisonous or toxic substances.

The worms used in Buoslik may remain on their wounded host for several days, up until the time he or she finally heals. When inside of their storage containers or submerged in prajna, they may survive up to 5 years, until their programmed lifespans reach an end. Buoslik worms do not reproduce, and must be cultured in birthyard facilities.

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