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Caalian Springs Soda

Caalian Springs Soda is a rather simple, yet diverse beverage. Usually it is made from soda water with natural fruit juices added as flavoring. Added sugar is not used within them as the natural sugar of the fruit juice is typically found to be enough.

Produced by: Caalian Springs Bottling Base Flavors


  • Guoramelon/Kwirin Berry
  • Mazrit/Porun - (Marketed as an Energy Drink due to the stimulant-like effect of the Mazrit fruit.)


  • Single Can: 1 KD for 1 x 12 oz can
  • Single Bottle: 2 KD for 1 x 20 oz bottle
  • Can Pack: 4 KD for 6 x 12 oz cans
  • Bottle Pack: 5 KD for 4 x 20 oz bottles
  • Single 1 Liter: 4 KD for 1 x 1 liter bottle
  • Single 2 Liter: 5 KD for 1 x 2 liter bottle

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