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Capital-type Armory

Currently the largest shipborne armory type utilized by Solan Starworks, the capital-class is mammoth in comparison to the Frigate Variant. This armory however serves a dual purpose. While the frigate's armory is primarily utilized for personal weaponry, the capital class' serves the roles of both personnel weaponry/armor as well as armaments and ammunition for vehicles, including the ship itself. However, what is stored within the armory can vary from ship class to ship class. Design aesthetic however is uniform, following the smooth curves and earth tones typical of Astral Commonwealth interior design. The Armory has thickly armored Strodirn panels with ADNR (Aggregated Diamond Nanorods) meshing, to protect the ship from any possible explosions from within the armory, and to ensure during battle the munitions and armaments remain unharmed from possible internal damage the ship may sustain and possible radiation leakage.

The armory itself has been sectioned off, half being dedicated to personnel weapons and defense equipment; the other to shipborne and vehicular arms and ammunition.

Personnel Armory

Your atypical armory, just a bit larger. Weapon racks line the walls, each holding weaponry meticulously cared for to keep them in excellent shape and the capacitors that power them. Wall mounted lockers contain body armor used for ship boarding, and anti-ship boarding warfare, as well as lighter versions used by security personnel while on duty. Specialized containers, shielded from radiation, and particle leakage are also within the room containing a limited amount of grenades. Those however need clearance to be used due to the hazardous nature of the devices. All racks and cases are made of Strodirn, with ADNR (Aggregated Diamond Nanorods) shutters included as an extra security precaution, as well as safety measure. All racks are typically done in soft, earth tones, the only exception being the rifle cases in which are transparent.

Note: While there are a set amount of weaponry out, there are more held within storage if necessary to further arm crew, or as replacements. This also includes additional capacitors and parts for repairs and replacements.

Pistol Racks

Usually stored within reach of most personnel, typically having their own racks including capacitor charge stations. The racks themselves are static free environments, cushioned to prevent jarring and possible damage. They're usually easily accounted for as the standard duty uniform already includes a pistol.

  • 3,000x Leyflar Capacitors Due to the high volume, six mass charging stations are used to keep the capacitors charged.
Carbine Racks

Carbines are usually stored on their own like the pistols due to the larger size, and as an alternative to the pistol for boarding, and anti-boarding action. Overall the Carbine is kept in a rack similar to the pistols, albeit larger to accommodate them. These are usually only issued in combat situations in which threat of boarding action occurs, or if heavier weaponry is needed. On shelf there are a number of units ready for operation, off shelf in storage are many more in case they're needed.

  • 2,600x Leyflar Capacitors Due to the high volume, four mass charging stations are used to keep the capacitors charged.
Rifle Cases

Kept in cases instead of racks, the Laiz rifle have their own section in the armory, dedicated to their upkeep, and storage. The cases usually house about one, to two hundred rifles nestled snugly to prevent jarring of any kind. The cases themselves are made of Transparent Strodirn, and have sliding doors in which to get into the cases. Electronic locking mechanisms are in place to keep them secure while not in use.

  • 2,300x Leyflar Capacitors Due to the high volume, four mass charging stations are used to keep the capacitors charged.
Melee Weapon Case

Made along the same lines as the rifle cases, the Faelraig cases are much shorter, and stockier then their rifle counterparts. But none the less adhere to the smooth curves and color tones utilized by the Iromakuanhe.

  • 250x Leyflar Capacitors typically stored within normal charging stations along side the Faelraig.

Ship Armory

The other portion of the armory. Completely different then the standard armory, this is used to store ship and vehicle munitions, armaments as well as small scale organoids utilized for ground assaults, anti-ship boarding, and ship boarding warfare. An automated storage system occupies the armory, complete with mechanized arms and canisters either depositing them in a slot where they can be emptied, or held out to be accessed by dedicated crew.

VAADW Deployment Rack

Somewhat similar to the VANDR racks, the VAADW racks keep the So-O2-1A Haidan VAADW in a state of de-activation/suspended animation in which their minds are constantly kept busy via combat and situation response simulations. Lines are hooked into the VAADW, feeding nutritional supplements, and Prajna into the VAADW to keep it healthy and ready for duty. A number of 'handlers' keep an eye on them while they slumber, awaiting deployment. In any given armory of this size, ten are usually ready for rapid deployment operations. But this can vary from ship to ship.

Usually, an additional twenty, to thirty more are kept in storage containers to supplement the existing 'pack' if necessary, or as replacements. These however, take a little while to get fully mobile.

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