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Capital-type Medical Bay

(576): Prajna Tanks

One of the key components of standard Iromakuanhe medical practices. The Prajna tank is escentially a large, high-grade plastic cylinder with hose connections situated on the floor of the tanks themselves obscuring the view with only an intricate drain system on the floor being the only indication of their presense. The drain is used to circulate the Prajna to and from the tank along with dead skin, tissues into a Biomass Harvest System (BHS) where the Prajna is filtered before being redistributed back into the tanks to continue the regenerative therapies.

Tank walls are selectively opaque and can retract into the ground in four pieces to save space while not in use as is the drain. While active they are used in singular rows along the walls of the designated areas and double rows while in the ground. Prajna is kept within a reservoir where it can be fed immediately into a given tank when needed and continually re-produced.

(96) Automated Surgery Unit

Automated Surgery Units saw increasing usage after the development of the Organoid Natural Intelligence, allowing a single Physician to perform multiple surgical proceedures by 'lending' their talent and judgement to a number of medically-purposed D-ANIE systems. In practice, this means that although the Physician is not carrying out surgeries themselves, each proceedure will be carried out with the skill of a proper medical professional and a precision of a machine.

Each unit takes the shape of a table with numerous mechanical arm and tentacle-like apendages equipped with an assortment of devices, including sterilized syringes, laser and conventional scalpels, clamps and dispensers. The table is cushionned in a porous organic material that keeps the patient in place and can expand or retract to facilitate the actions being performed by the system.


Typically staffed by lower ranked physicians, the Pharmacy contains a majority of the surplus medical supplies not used by the medical bay proper. It also is a place to stop by, and pickup any and all perscription medications that maybe dispensed to the crew on a day to day, or lump sum basis by the chief physician running the medical bay.

Counselor's Office

The Counselor's Office offers each and every member of the crew, from the commanding officer, down to the lowly technicians an outlet to speak their minds, relieve stress and undergo psycho-analysis and therapy by dedicated therapists should such times arise. The room itself is quite comfortable from the aesthetic sense to put troubled minds at ease. Chairs, couches, and a desk are present, however much of the decorum is subject to change depending upon those staffing the office.

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