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Capital-type Storage Bay

Modeled after its frigate counterpart, the Capital Storage facilities are mammoth in comparison. However, this is not to say that it does not follow the same design philosophies, albeit on a larger scale. Storage is made up of a large corridor divided into multiple decks, depending on the size of the vessel but all are interconnected via a series of lifts making for easy accessibility. Typically freight is moved via a small rail system that runs along the walls ceiling and floor for optimum storage. The entire room is done in the familiar earthy-neutral eggshell tone of most Solan designs, and is notable for having well-appointed 'rib' arches throughout, and flexible divider walls that shift and deploy to divide off cargo areas.

Deck-1-4: Cargo Bay

Due to the much larger volume capacity of the bay, the typical means of storage have been optimized for efficient use of space in storing, and retrieving cargo. The lower decks act as the main cargo bays, which is, in most circumstances, a series of wide open floors, with honeycomb-like structure along the walls. The walls of the honeycomb can extend and recede, creating nooks for items of varying size, then closing up around them to hold them securely. Furthermore, walls can extend larger segments and cells to hold items on the floor, usually if they're sensitive items that need to be protected from damage or, sometimes, prying eyes. The rail system is used to place and allow transfer of cargo between decks without leaving the storage corridors or, within the bay itself. Finally, a sphincter-type airlock rests at the rear section of the cargo bay, and it is specially capable of dilating and then constricting around structures, allowing a pressurized tunnel for cargo transfers, or to surround the cargo bay doors of foreign ships.

Deck-4-8: Supply Bay

The supply bay is more regulated than the cargo bay, typified by a set of large cells and closet-like chambers constructed similarly to the lower decks' honeycomb, but with far less open floorspace. On the coreward section of the main corridor, there exists armored compartments that hold volatile munitions, while further along are large fluid tanks behind the walls - both for biological fluids and the ship's water supply - as well as large condition-controlled walk-in food lockers and freezers, and finally a set of wall alcoves containing crew supplies, equipment, and other assorted miscellany.

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