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Capital-type VANDR Bay

The capital type VANDR bay is fairly spacious in comparison to smaller counter parts, but follows the same overall design. It contains upwards of one hundred alcoves for the VANDR units on board. The most substantial difference of this bay classification is the inclusion of a GB System essentially making the entirety of the bay a floor. The VANDR reside in automated racks on both main 'floor' surfaces, with a large superconductive grid separating the two halves of the bay, giving the ship the equivalent of sixteen runways per bay. To prevent injuries and act as a safety to prevent accident launches, there is a semi-organoid mesh placed between the racks and the launch grid that generates a mild static field that can 'pull' in debris (or staff) that might damage the launch system. The capital-type bay does not specifically conform to general Solanii aesthetics due to its more utilitarian design and usage of traditional mechanics with the launch system, it features more utilitarian rounded composite plating, common in civilian designs and space stations.

VANDR Rack Features

The VANDR racks themselves are designed to surround the frame in a rounded alcove, with additional access scaffolds on either side, which wrap around the frame to allow work from all sides. These scaffolds can be moved out of the way should the VANDR need to be removed from its storage area for any reason, though. Inside the alcove, a series of biomass tanks and interlinks to the rest of the ships' systems lay inside the wall, with multiple feed lines that can connect to points on the VANDR. These are used for resupply, medical use, and to connect the frame to the ship's metabolic system when not in use. There are also paired gear lockers on either side of the alcove, for storage of the pilots' personal effects, and for any additional tools or equipment needed by the technical staff - be it surgical equipment or more mundane tools for the inorganic components.

Seperating the working areas from the launching system is a semi-organic mesh that emits a static field to capture loose debris and tools, preventing damages to the track. When a unit is being deployed, the meshing is able to warp around the unit without completely opening. While also ensuring the safety of staff, the mesh also serves as a final scanning system before the unit is deployed, and can scrub the unit of extraneous objects.

The final feature of the bay is its linear launching system, which in effect consists of a superconductive grid that takes advantage of and boosts the unit's drive system; launching it forward and out of the bay's electrostatic field that holds the atmosphere within the bay. While not under deployment situations, the huge Agridinn bay doors remain closed. However, in the event of deployment and electrostatic barrier failure these day doors act as a safety measure and seal the bay shut.

OOC Note

The best way to think of this bay is to equate it to M.C Escher's Relativity

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