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CELB (Compression-Enhanced Light Beam) Laser

Following the long-standing tradition of laser based weaponry in the Iromakuanhe armories, the Compression Enhanced Light Beam, or CELB Laser is a single, high powered laser beam that is enhanced via the application of MASC-based technologies. To maximize damage over any given location, the CELB fires a single potent coherent beam ideal for heavy anti-vehicle and anti-starship roles, but is also more readily applied as protection from large stellar debris which might otherwise hamper the effective running of a MASC Drive. Thanks to the compression field that encases the beam, it is able to ignore the frequently frustrating range impositions in atmosphere due to blooming, allowing it to function more effectively in nearly all conditions.

Location: Ship or Vehicle Mounted Purpose: Anti-Vehicle/Anti-Starship Secondary: Navigational Protection Damage: MDR 3

Range: 10 KM in Atmosphere, 300 000 KM in Space Rate of Fire: Beam can be maintained for up to 1 minute. Cooldown is 1/4 of projection time. Muzzle Velocity: 1c

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