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COFU (COld FUsion) Reactor

The Cold Fusion, or COFU, Reactor is the primary reactor system used by the Iromakuanhe and Solan Starworks. It differs from conventional fusion reactors, or even similar low-temperature fusion reactors in operation. It runs on a supercooled liquid tritium and deuterium, which is then subjected to low-energy space compression until their atomic structures collapse onto one another, causing nuclear fusion. The reaction produces helium, which is subjected to a secondary fusion reaction to lower reactor waste. The primary waste product, radiation, is prevented from escaping thanks to a compression field that holds it until it dissipates, while carbon, created from the secondary helium reaction, is stored and can be jettisoned once the radiation has dissipated. The COFU is unusually cold because of the method by which fusion is achieved, in contrast to the use of magnetics, pinch devices or lasers.

General Information

Name: COFU (COld FUsion) Reactor Type: Powerplant Government: Government of the Astral Commonwealth Designer: Solan Starworks Manufacturer: Solan Starworks

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