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Iromakuanhe Communications Technology

A spacefaring nation will quickly collapse on itself without a proper communications network, as the proper management of resources over distances extending over several LY becomes nearly impossible without FTL communications. When news is slow to travel between settlements, unrest is natural, and lack of information is often crippling to the various enterprises operating in the governmental sphere of a nation. In battle, providing up to date and accurate information is even more critical, and disruption of communications can be devastating to an unprepared force.

Over the course of centuries, the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth developed many systems that would allow them an adequate medium of information distribution. With the advent of space compression technologies, new systems that combined MASC-type space corridors with more conventional systems were created and mass produced by corporations such as Solan Starworks. The following are the main systems employed by Iromakuanhe starships.

The following is a list of Communications Systems used by the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth:

Communication System Type Broadcast Pattern Range Detectability
Laser Visible EM Directed, Requires Line of Sight 300 000 KM Low
Radio Visible EM Radial 150 000 KM Medium
Microwave Microwave Emissions Directed Area 300 000 KM High
MASC-Assisted Laser MASC-enhanced Laser Directed to Point of Arrival 20 LY Low/Medium
MASC-Assisted Radio MASC-enhanced Radio Radial from Point of Arrival 20 LY + 150 000 KM at Point of Arrival Medium/High
Fiber Optic Network Wired Visible Light Pulses Point to Point Wired Network Limited by Network Size None

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