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Cruiser-type Bridge

Cruiser-class bridges exemplify the technical expertise that goes into assembling the workhorses of the Astral Vanguard fleet, lacking in the ornate extravagance of capital ships and more comfortably designed than cramped frigates. The design is utiliterian, but well designed following the ergonomic and functional needs of its occupants. Resting on an elevated 'strip' in the rectangular bridge, the captain is seated in the very center of the room, flanked by his XO, chief starship operator and senior staff. Flight crew and adjutant operators sit in the 'operations pit' that sits halfway embedded in the walls and floor on the very front and sides of the bridge.

The cruiser-type bridge does not feature the ornate attention to detail and pride-instilling decor of capital-class vessels, save for the ship's insignia engraved into the floor on the long walkway in front of the captain's seat. Exposed wires and dimly glowing power conduits lie in exposed slots in the walls, with only enough paneling and support structure to make the working environment on the bridge safe, in literal and psychological sense. Display monitors have been replaced with cutting edge holographic systems that allow more intuitive information displays.

Deck 1.1 Command Deck

The Command Deck does not use conventional immersion pods, and instead features seats with entry-plug based interfaces that read neural input from the muscles to intuitively shift around data and information. Additional display equipment includes more conventional solid display panneling and a spheroid navigation console at the far end of the room. The commanding officer and his senior staff are seated on this part of the bridge, resting in between the entrance to the bridge and the navsphere at the very opposite end of the room.

Deck 1.2 Operations Pit

The although refered to as a 'pit', the Operations Pit is in fact little more than a recess in the floor of the Command Deck that run along the far and side walls, going from the entrance. It features rows of immersion pods and a deployable ARTC canopy that can cut the pit off from the main of the bridge in case of borders, protecting the potentially vulnerable operations crew from armed assailants.

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