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Cruiser-type VANDR Bay

The Cruiser-class VANDR Bay is similar to the Capital-type VANDR Bay in that it features heavy automation and a large number of VANDR, but has a more streamlined hive-like maintenance and launching system compared to the more complicated 'grid' featured on capital ships. VANDR are clustered on the ground and wall around launch catapults in twenty-one blocks of four, with each frame on an automated rack that is capable of refueling and placing it onto the launching system. The launch systems and landing platform are protected with multiple rows of the organoid 'capture mesh' installed in capital-type VANDR bays, which protect the launch system and allow for emergency landings through either system. Gravity is unidirectional on the Cruiser-type bay, but lessened compared to the living spaces of the ship.

VANDR Rack Features

The racks of the Cruiser-type VANDR Bay feature an arrangement of holding brackets with automated plug ins and rearming arms that allow the bay to automatically rearm any units that dock. When ready to launch, units are dropped onto a MASC-based linear accelerator and launching out though a shielded and 'capture mesh'-insulated canal.

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