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Solanii Datarod

The Solan Starworks Datarod is a volumetric communications device made from recyclable bioplastics that enables the public and Astral Vanguard personnel to relay calls and information to one another. To operate, one must twist the dial at the head of the device, which unlocks the trigger one must pull to activate the volumetric window. The window allows full-access to the Datarod's features which are listed below.

Dimensions & Appearance


Height: 5“ / 12.7 cm. Width: 1” / 2.54 cm. Thickness (Radius): .5“ / 1.27 cm. Mass: .75 lb./ 0.34 kg.


The Datarod is thin, sleek stick. It's primary color is a standard Vanguard Blue, with it's grip and trigger Vanguard Orange. It's turning dial is a dark grey.

Functions, Programs, and Parts

Volumetric Projector

On the tip of the Datarod, is a small volumetric projector that works as the main display device. When the trigger is pulled, the window activates, along with placing another opaque window behind the first to protect the privacy the user. The size on the window is dependent on the user's settings, the maximum is square foot, to a square six inches. Color of the volumetric window is decided through the settings.

Video/Audio Calling

The primary function of the Datarod. Through access of the phonebook, or Datarod number, a person can call anyone within service range. Before the call is made, an option will pop up asking whether the user wishes to make a video or audio call. There are also capabilities for conference calling if the user decides to select multiple numbers/people int he phone book before the call is made.

If a person is receiving a call, the Datarod will vibrate and play a ring tone of the user's choosing.

A person can also send and read attachments during the call from anything loaded into the Datarod's hard drive.

Text Messaging

Apart of the primary function. A user can summon a third window to act a small-one handed keyboard to type messages to be sent to contacts and numbers. This allows for a silent form of communications and e-mailing. Attachments can be sent in text messages from anything loaded into the Datarod's hard drive.


An answering machine function which allows the Datarod owner to take messages if they can't or don't answer their calls. The user is also capable of recording a voice greeting to inform the person on the end that they're not there.


With enough signal, a Datarod can gain limited access to OGNEIR.NET to download ringtones and or updates to the Datarod's firmware.

Software Applications

Office Tools

Datarod comes with a group of 'Office Tools'. Most are very basic such as a calculator, a calendar, a notepad, and stopwatch.

Media Player

The Datarod can access media files uploaded into it's hard drive, such as music, pictures, and videos.


With access to OGNEIR.NET, the Datarod can download several mini-games to help pass the time as needed. The Datarod comes pre-loaded with a game called, “VANDR Heroes”, which is set during the Third Outer System Conflict. Players will control a VANDR piloted by one the great aces, for example the “Ice Wyrm” or “Fire God”, and fight in small danmaku missions to save the commonwealth.

Datarod Charger

Small cable that hooks into the wall and to the bottom of the Datarod to recharge its battery.

Leather Datarod Cover

Leather cover, to be mounted on a belt, that the Datarod can be stored in when not in use. Usually when people don't want it taking up space in their pockets.

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