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Don't Worry, Curry!

Don't Worry, Curry! is a chain of restaurants that serve delectable Food cuisine that is run by Iromakuanhe. Don't Worry Curry is known for their traditional meals utilizing the herbs, vegetables, and meats of the iromakuanhe and their home worlds as well as allowing patrons to enjoy a dose of medicinal drugs before their meal, if requested.

More about Don't Worry, Curry!

After years of making these dishes in their home, a large family of Iromakuanhe named the I'Duzool family started up their own restaurant on the bottom floor of their home. It was wildly popular and they opened a second restaurant operated by one of the younger members of the family. It failed miserably until he began to add in an element to the store that was unbeknownst to the I'Duzool's business model. He started having Slajatki-on served at the beginning of the meals for those patrons that wished to imbibe in the legal Iromakuanhe drug before their meals, wherein a sense of increased euphoria 1) is felt in the user.

The business took off in ways it hadn't even begun to do before he had come up with this business plan. Shortly after, his sister came up with the catchy name and opened up her own restaurant, then another family member opened up their own. Soon, family friends and business partners alike were striking deals with the I'Duzool family to operate their own Don't Worry, Curry! restaurants.

For the same price, every dish made with ingredients from Maekardan can be “unfiltered”, i.e. the food itself will have hallucinogenic spores native to the planet.

Management Style: Family Owned and Independently Operated.

Food Selection and Prices

There is an assortment of food provided by Don't Worry, Curry! restaurants. They are listed below, though this does not include daily specials or region-specific foods.

  • Biryani: Savory Zaidok spiced with Mahra Peppers to give it a hot taste that is sometimes unmanageable for those with sensitive palettes. 10 KD
  • Vindaloo: The meat of the Gishep is marinated in Ash Garlic and spiced mildly. 10 KD
  • Palak Paneer: Made from the milk of the Zoloat, paneer cubes are mixed with Stuyaen, a leafy green. 7 KD
  • Fried Payam: A sweet dish that fills the taste buds of those that eat it with its sugary and delightful taste. 7 KD
  • Aloo: A dish based on the Runyaen and its flavor profile that combines it with the bright red Lap Inkka Cecci that gives it both a sweet and savory taste. 11 KD
  • Rysari Curd: A desert item that is full of minty, intricate, and hard to pass up. 4 KD

Additional Items

Slajatki-on, sides, and drinks are listed below.

Oftentimes increased energy, motor-control, and sexuality is felt, as well as the euphoric feelings Don't Worry, Curry! strives to give to its patrons.
Extremely strong. Hlarai's mix, in particular, contains over 90 mg of stims.

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