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Dream Consorts

”Breathing is the body’s natural rhythm. Through it, and letting it guide us we flow into a meditation that allows us to dive into what truly unites us to the Makuori. When you are truly relaxed and at harmony with your breathing, insight to your dreams comes clear.“ - Dream Consort Atshel Golomst

Masters of the meditative arts of the Iromakuanhe, Dream Consorts are a semi-autonomous collective of individuals that travel around in the Iruotl System offering guidance and wisdom where they can. Aiding in interpreting dreams, leading meditation sessions, and healing the wounded souls of the Iromakuanhe, Dream Consorts aid those they can with whatever they might have at their disposal.


There is little documentation of the first Dream Consorts. When they started, who were the first, or where it began is all different based on where it’s being told. Some say on the Sunstripped Spring of Maekardan, others say it was on Lap Laputa of Hlarai near some Makuori ruins, still some say it was the Makuori themselves that planted these ideals across the Iromakuanhe worlds at the same time so that tradition could grow rapidly. It was a few years after the Dream Consorts began to gather to exchange ideas and techniques that they were inducted into The Dreamer Vigil as an official Order.

Induction and Learning

Potential Dream Consorts show themselves at a young age by having reoccurring, vivid dreams. These dreams may vary in subject matter, but Shrine Keepers and other Dream Consorts are trained to be aware of those that may show these signs so that they may embrace the path the Makuori have chosen for them. Taken in at the young age of 12 or 13, the Iromakuanhe is taught the many philosophies about the Dreamer Vigil, the Saints that guide the dreams of the Iromakuanhe, as well as the Jafar, Bahbi, and Ruh meditations.

It is only after adolescence that the Dream Consort to be is allowed to take on the oaths and begin learning the Abu’Nal Meditation, but more importantly, the Ahni Meditation. Before their training can begin, the trainee is implanted with a Homunculus-Type Symbiote that will boost their immune system to help fight off most common diseases that they may come across. Afterward the Dream Consort in training is paired with a more experienced member of the Order, to be referred to as their Guide. They will follow around Guide participating in their Ahni Meditation, but also learning in its application towards the spiritual healing of their people. How to properly apply it in the exploration of the dreams, to interpret the Makuori’s divinations, and to become one with the body they were given.

When the Guide is satisfied that their student is ready, they are given a full license and their first destination. This ends the Order’s direct interference in their travels and duties, as it is on the Dream Consort to find their own path. From there the Dream Consort is expected to find their own business, set their own prices, and make sure to pay certain amount of their income. In return the Order provides help to those faithful, as well as cover any medical costs that might occur, and the continued use of the Order name which holds great weight within the Vigil.

Practiced Bureaucracy

Upon being accepted as a branch of the Dreamer Vigil, those of the Dream Consorts began to set up their own internal network. While there is little hierarchy within the network, it is efficient and well kept database of all active Dream Consorts and their clients. A Dream Consort can only work and conduct themselves if they have the proper license. This license must be renewed on an annual basis following a full body scan and medical check-up performed by a Dream Consort certified physician and hospital. This is to ensure that the consort is not playing host to a disease that they are spreading, or that Dream Consorts that have misrepresented their order are no longer able to find work.

All information within the network is strictly confidential, kept under the highest security, and carries a heavy penalty should any information be hacked.

Those that have deeply disrespected a Dream Consort or the Order, those that have hacked the internal network and breached the privacy of the Order, or those Dream Consorts that have heavily neglected in their duties receive a Black Mark in the Dream Consort network. This means the Order will no longer conduct business with that person, or aid them in any way shape or form. Black Marks are not given for light reasons, and go through heavy review before they are applied. Repeals are only given to truly unique and outstanding circumstances.

A Dream Consort willingly aiding those that have a Black Mark will not, in turn, give them a Black Mark. However it will put that Dream Consort under heavy scrutiny.


Where Dream Consorts go, they must take it upon themselves to aid in those that seek help in spiritually healing. As the Dream Consorts are wanderers with few Schools dedicated to their Order, they tend not to stay in one place for too long. Often when they have felt they can help all they can, they move on to the next destination. Whether this is found in their dreams, or they are reached out to by another Consort, varies from case to case.

While in an area, a Dream Consort takes the time to listen to the dreams that those Iromakuanhe are having. Giving advice, philosophy, or insight to what they mean in the hopes of guiding them to resolution. The Dream Consort may also give lessons on Jafar, or even Abu’Nal meditation should it be asked for. However, the Consort must keep in mind that the Ahni Meditation is their core responsibility.

Ahni Meditation is a deeply spiritual, ceremonial, and private ritual for the Dream Consort. While others may practice it outside of the Order, Dream Consorts have had years of practice honing their body, mind, and soul to be able to perform it at its peak. A Dream Consort can perform this meditation with as many as they feel they can handle at one time while still maintaining their duty, however, it is rare to have more than two clients at a time.

It should be warned that interrupting Ahni Meditation midway through, or purposefully keeping a Consort from their appointment is heavily frowned upon by the Order. While a Black Mark will not be given, word will be sure to spread of the misdeeds conducted.


Dream Consorts are taught at the beginning of their training with their Guide, to love their body. That their body is a gift and the single object that cannot be taken or stole from them. It is through this that some Dream Consorts take it a step further and choose to be nude wherever they go, only to don on clothing should the environment call for it. If a Dream Consort should have to put on clothing to protect against the weather, or to be more presentable to the company that they are meeting, then it is normally bright, flavorful clothing that matches their skin, eyes, hair, and/or horns that they choose. However, exceptions are often made in this department as there is no official uniform for the Dream Consorts.

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