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Iromakuanhe Electronic Warfare Technology

As the tools of war become increasingly deadly, the devices that allow them to reach the target must become more potent and sophisticated to assure victory. When the systems of an opposing force are hindered, so is its combat effectiveness and overall ability to respond to the shifting tides of battle. As a primarily pacifist nation, the people of the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth have devised several highly effective electronic warfare devices that make use of various technologies to improve their odds on a modern battlefield.

The following articles are systems employed by the Astral Vanguard, and Solan Starworks products.


ECM constitutes any technology that attempt to hamper the flow of the transmissions and sensors data that make modern warfare feasible. These include out-of-phase and 'junk signal' wave projections, as well as false or dangerous, via malicious software packets included in the signal, communications.

Combined Jamming System (CJS) (Pre-Approved) Combined Deception System (CDS) (Pre-Approved)


Iromakuanhe stealth systems use various types of space compression, wave and particle projection to prevent detection by conventional sensor devices. This is especially critical in scout operations and rear-area operations.

Muted Resonance Shroud (MRS) (Pre-Approved) Empty Resonance Shroud (ERS) Empty Resonance Pulse (ERP) (Pre-Approved)


Listening Device (Pre-Approved) Regenerative Beacon Flares (Pre-Approved) Regenerative Canister Missiles (Pre-Approved)

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