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Empty Resonance Pulse (ERP)

The Empty Resonance Pulse, or ERP, could be considered to be an Iromakuanhe analogue to the flashbang, on a scale befitting modern warfare. It employs a combination of controlled space compression and exotic charged particles in a manner similar to the MRS and ERS, but in short-lived multi-directional pulse. Lasting several seconds, the pulse can be projected in all directions, or in a cone or similar shape at the pilot's discretion. This causes a potent blackout on long and short-range sensors, and is ideal to temporarily blind, via lingering exotic charged particles, guided projectiles or closing pursuers. Units mounting an active VSS are unaffectedly by lingering particles, but will experience the same effects as being in an ERS while in the AoE of a directed multi-pulse.

Craft Type Max Pulse Range Max Pulse AoE Duration
Powered Frame 800 M 50 M 5 Seconds
Starship 2.4 KM + Ship Size 240 M 10 Seconds

OOC Notes

Authored by Exhack and approved by Wes on May 15, 20081)

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