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:!: The following article is currently NOT APPROVED for in-character usage.

Empty Resonance Shroud (ERS)

Unlike the more subtle Muted Resonance Shroud, the Empty Resonance Shroud, or ERS, is a device that generates large sensor deadzones, forming large gaps in enemy intelligence and firing solutions. The system employs asymmetrical distribution of exotic charged particles that absorb, refract and disperse large amounts of low coherence electromagnetic radiation, disrupting sensors and long range transmissions, while spatial ripple effects make distortion and gravitic sensors useless. Unfortunately, this effects all units caught in the area of effect, forcing the unit mounting the system to rely on MASC Particle Scanner systems, while the vacuous signature left by the field will almost immediately alert the enemy to the unit's presence. As such, this system should be used sparingly, such as an offensive device directly after the initial volley of an ambush, or as a defensive one to create cover long enough to escape hostile forces via Major Artificial Space Compression (MASC) Drive.

Craft Type Max Field Size
Powered Frame 125 M
Starship 2.5 KM + Ship Size

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