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Frigate-Type Armory


The Frigate-Type Armory is a moderately sized store room that contains a ship's infantry weapons that follows the Iromakuanhe design aesthetic of smooth walls, and arched ceilings all done in tan and brown tones. Typically the armory located within the center, or near the living spaces of frigate-class ships. The selection is small, but diverse while managing to compliment the crew. The Armory has thickly armored Strodirn panels and ADNR (Aggregated Diamond Nanorods) meshing, to protect the ship from any possible explosions from within the armory, and to ensure during battle the munitions and armaments remain unharmed from possible internal damage the ship may sustain and possible radiation leakage.


There is only one entrance into the armory, and that is a Strodirn plated door with DNA Recognition Security Software upon the locks. Only approved personnel are allowed access during normal operating status, and is usually the head of ship security, as well as the ship's quartermaster. Others include approved security personnel. In the event of battle, and possible boarding action, the crew will be issued fire arms from within the armory.

Melee Weapon Rack

Usually kept near the bottom of the racks in snug containers.

Pistol Racks

Easily accountable, and to grab, these racks line the lower portion of the walls. They include,

Carbine Rack

These are the best one would usually find upon a Frigate-Class vessel, small, relatively lightweight while packing more of a punch. The carbines are kept on the top shelf, but in smaller numbers.

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