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Frigate-type Bridge

Frigate-type bridges exemplify the purpose-built nature of Iromakuanhe frigates, featuring a chamber of average size and no large display screens for any particular purpose. All internal interfaces rely on Entry Port technologies, creating an immersive, coordinated environment for operators and command crew. The seating arrangement has the commanding officer on the same floor as the rest of the ship flanked by communications operators, and the executive officer in a recess below him, with the weapons, sensors and starship operators at their positions centered around his location. Like all Solan Designs, the walls of the bridge are covered in a smooth eggshell-like material that is colored in a neutral earth tone by default.

Immersion Pods

So-M1-5815 Frigate-type Immersion Control Pod

Due to their natural interface abilities, designing a responsive and intuitive control system for an Iromakuanhe was relatively easy. This system, known as the Immersion Control Pod, allows easy and natural control of most vehicles, including large units such as powered frames and starships. The Control Pod is the seat component of the cockpit, and is comprised of a rounded chair in which the pilot is most comfortable in a reclining position, and multiple entry port plugs. The chair itself is lined in a soft, organic material lined in a highly flexible rubbery skin that is smooth to the touch and has a light golden reflective sheen, surrounded with an open egg-like enclosure on all sides to prevent harm. The chair will naturally conform to the user's body, and can even form cushioned indentations for the tips of horns. In normal conditions, the system feeds the pilot a small amount of Prajna through the entry port ducts to keep them in working condition for long shifts. In case of emergency, the enclosures can be closed and filled with Prajna to keep the pilot alive for an extended amount of time.


To connect with the machine, one must connect the plugs to their entry ports, which can be done manually, or automatically by the organoid. Unlike the use of a VANDR-which suspends and supplant's the user's senses, it instead places them inside of a dynamic virtual data processing room that spans the entire, network to the extent their ship allows. it is usually customized in some degree by the commanding officer of the vessel, reflecting his or her personal tastes, but tends to have a very abstract and minimalist feel. This type of networking allows all connected crewmen to communicate and coordinate at all times


Transfer of pain cannot occur because organoids lack developed tactile senses in most cases, however, there have been uncomfortable sensations reported by pilots when their units lost limbs or took heavy damage, similar to a sort of strong pressure. On very rare occasions, the sensory redirection effect caused by the control module lasts after disconnection from the craft, which will require immediate medical attention.

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