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Frigate-type VANDR Bay

The frigate-type VANDR bay is fairly compact for what it does - there's only enough ceiling space to work above the massive frames during repairs, and it's only large enough to fit the storage alcoves for each of the 4 VANDRs it's designed to accommodate, as well as a central lane to allow the crew access. The room itself has a glossy, smooth finish typical of aerudirn and other similar organic alloys (in varying hues, most commonly a dull amber or other earthtone), and is notable for having a half-pipe ceiling profile, with visible support ribs, and slightly inset nooks for the VANDR racks.

VANDR Rack Features

The VANDR racks themselves are designed to surround the frame in a rounded alcove, with additional access scaffolds on either side, which wrap around the frame to allow work from all sides. These scaffolds can be moved out of the way should the VANDR need to be removed from its storage area for any reason, though. Inside the alcove, a series of biomass tanks and interlinks to the rest of the ships' systems lay inside the wall, with multiple feed lines that can connect to points on the VANDR. These are used for resupply, medical use, and to connect the frame to the ship's metabolic system when not in use. There are also paired gear lockers on either side of the alcove, for storage of the pilots' personal effects, and for any additional tools or equipment needed by the technical staff - be it surgical equipment or more mundane tools for the inorganic components.

The final feature of the VANDR bay is its unique launch system. At the feet of each frame, in its alcove, is a dilating membrane, normally closed and done in a similar finish to the floor and walls. But in time of deployment, the membrane opens, allowing the VANDR to be pulled through a short airlock chamber, and then pushed out a similar membrane on the outside of the ship. Often called a sphincter, this individual-frame launch system is designed to allow pilots to field their VANDRs without worrying about decompressing the bay, or without worrying about taxiing or other problems inherent with a shared airlock.

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