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GravElectric (GE) Lifter

The GravElectric, or GE, Lifter system is a unique device that employs a combination of gravimetric and electrostatic pulses to generate thrust and lift for a variety of purposes. This is done by generating partial, slanted or full neutral buoyancy by modifying the gravity in the immediate proximity to the vehicle mounting GE Lifter arrays. It is primarily employed by civilian vehicles such as a replacement to the standard wheeled or tracked layout, aircraft and some civilian spacecraft.

Appearance varies, but on most land/hover vehicles, it resembles a dark blueish hemisphere traced in straight, golden luminous lines.

While in an atmosphere, it is often accompanied by a Lorentz Force-based ionization system that draws directly on the ambient gases in the environment for both thrust, lift and steering because of the necessity of a fine control that cannot be achieved with multiple Lifter units. In the vacuum of space, if fine control is necessary, the additional thrust units will need propellant to perform, otherwise multiple Lifter units can successfully lift and propel a vehicle. It performs poorly compared to other, similar technologies, or the widely-used MASC Drive, but remains a cheap, clean drive system, available to any and all civilians living in the Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth's sphere.

General Information

Name: GE Lifter Type: STL Propulsion System Government: Iromakuanhe Astral Commonwealth Designer: Seyrnan Riel Manufacturer: Solan Starworks, Ahmida Civiltech Maximum Speed: .05c (Certain Designs Only)


The GravElectric Lifter was an early brainchild of Seyrnan Riel, the legendary inventor of the MASC Drive and physicist, who wanted to develop more effective alternative to conventional electrical-to-kinetic motor engines that had been used for centuries. The resulting system exceeded his expectations, and was yet another gateway to more complex and advanced technologies for the Iromakuanhe. Unfortunately, the design did not receive recognition of its usefulness until after the advent of space compression. Regardless, it remains a reliable and trusted engine system, and is commonly found on nearly all Iromakuanhe civilian craft to date.

OOC Notes

Authored by Exhack and approved by Wes on May 18, 20081)

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