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Ghoroun Mints

Ghoroun Mints are aptly named for their contrasting texture and flavors as if done as a homage to the Ghoroun Region region in which it is named after. The mints are a simple confectionery made of a base that includes the cool, strong mint flavor of the Rysari Plant into a sweet paste along with other ingredients until the desired smoothness is achieved. They're then dipped into a rich yet bitter dark chocolate where the mint is left to cool before packaging and distribution. The finished product has a dark chocolate shell with a little snap to it as you bite into it, and the mint paste has the right consistency, not runny, not gummy but just right. The odd combination of flavors actually complement each other quite well making it a popular candy for those with a simple sweet tooth.

Produced by: Mazerin Confections Prices

  • Package of Four: 1 KD
  • Package of Eight: 2 KD
  • Package of Twelve: 3 KD

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